Remote Control Weapon System / Gunner Protection Kitts / Turrets


Remote Control Weapon Systems Technologies

Remote Control Weapon Systems technologies are available from 5.56mm to 30mm calibers and include NATO and Non-NATO weapons.  The history of Remote Control Weapon Systems stems from a rich history in participation and development of systems for clients and end-users.  Remote Control Weapon Systems have common building blocks through the range of systems providing the user with common logistic supply.

Gunner Protection Kit

The Gunner Protection Kit was designed for a wide range of vehicles and is scalable in application thus providing capabilities such as machine gun mounts.  Ballistic protection depends on customer and vehicle requirements.  Various designs is operating internationally on a wide range of vehicles  and can incorporate weapon systems from 7.62mm up to 20mm (inclusive of 30x113mm).  Weapons of NATO and Non-NATO can be incorporated with  automatic grenade launchers.  A range of technologies could be incorporated from fully manual operation through to remote operation.  This new design allows for scalability, modularity and user-requirement input providing a cost affordable solution and choice of Gunner Protection Kit in the global military market.

Machine Gun Mounts

Defence and Mining Technologies (DefMinTech) provides gun mounts for a wide array of NATO and non-NATO weapons from 5.56mm up to 20mm (inclusive of 30x113mm) for applications on an array of vehicle systems.  Gun mounts are customised according to the specifications / requirements of the User.